Lucy Wines


Great Story. Great Wine. Great Cause.

Lucy Rosé was born in 2003 when winemaker Jeff Pisoni made only two barrels. Shortly after, the Pisonis decided they should make more and donate a percentage of the sales to the fight against breast cancer. The association of pink Rosé wine with the pink ribbon representing breast-cancer awareness seemed like a perfect match.

Rosé wine can be made in different ways and from various grapes. The skin of the Pinot Noir grape used to make Lucy Rosé colors the wine, as the pulp of the berry does not contain color. The grape juice stays in contact with the skin just long enough to extract a limited amount of color. Afterwards, the juice is transferred to both stainless steel and neutral wood barrels that have been used several times and no longer have the oak flavor. The wine ferments in these vessels at cool temperatures to maintain all the aromatic potential of the wine. After fermentation, the wine ages for 3-4 months in cellar before bottling. The result is a lightly colored, very aromatic and refreshing Rosé to enjoy on many occasions.

Only a limited amount of Lucy Rosé is produced each year so that the utmost care and attention can be given to the wine.