". . . the Pisoni family, masters of the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation . . ." Jon Bonné, San Francisco Chronicle

The Family

Three generations of living on and working the land comprising Pisoni Vineyards has inserted this beloved place into our family’s DNA. Looking out over this land we feel our connection to it running deep and strong, like looking at our children and seeing our own reflections.

Walking, watching, farming and feeling each of the 20 distinctive parcels in 40 acres, we breathe in energy and beauty and breathe out pride and knowing. Each day, season and generation brings a deeper sense of belonging, stewardship and evolving.

Farming is what we do. Gary’s parents, Jane and Eddie Pisoni, first started farming in the Salinas Valley in 1952. They fostered this sense of pride for farming, place and family that has carried through the Pisoni Family ever since.

It was Gary who, in following his passion for wine, introduced the family to growing grapes in the mountains—at a time when everyone thought he was crazy to do so.

The Pisoni family’s goal: grow exceptional grapes to make exceptional wine. Wines made by the Pisoni family are bottled under the Pisoni Estate and Lucia labels.  Gary and his two sons, Mark and Jeff, farm and produce Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah from their three vineyards in the Santa Lucia Highlands: Pisoni, Garys’ and Soberanes vineyards.  These vineyards and wines represent an extreme commitment to farming and classical winemaking.


Gary Pisoni

Pioneer. Maverick.

True dedication to Pinot Noir.

Gary Pisoni exudes passion—for adventure, for family, for grape growing, for wine. He combines all of these by pouring his enthusiasm and energy into Pisoni Vineyards. Described as “the new face of American Pinot Noir” and “Burgundian-crazy about his vines,” Gary grows grapes using meticulous viticultural practices. Over the last 30+ years, he has transformed the mountainous property where his parents once grew vegetables, grazed a few horses and head of cattle into one of California’s most renowned vineyards.


Mark Pisoni

Vineyard Manager.

Passion for farming, soil, and working with Nature.

Mark wakes up before dawn every day to check the fields—just as he did as a young boy while with his grandfather. Mark is the vineyard manager and also oversees the family’s vegetable farm in the Salinas Valley. He has spent most of his life learning from and working with his grandfather and father—on the farm and in the vineyard. Prior to working full-time, Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from University of California, Davis, and an M.S. in Farm Business Management from Cornell University. Now, Mark blends his life-long skills learned while farming and in academia with a genetic passion for viticulture into the vines of Pisoni, Garys’ and Soberanes Vineyards.


Jeff Pisoni


Focused and devoted to the ongoing pursuit of wine.

Jeff spent his childhood immersed in his family, the farm and the vineyards. These influences, his father’s winemaking and an early interest in science allowed Jeff to know from very early on that he would pursue a life of making wine. He earned a degree in Enology from the California State University at Fresno, and after working at other wineries (Peter Michael and Bernardus), started making wine full-time with his family. Jeff loves the interwoven art, science and craft aspects of winemaking, and the never-ending learning and appreciation of nature found while working with the vineyards and wine.